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Race Report: 2011 NYRR UAE Healthy Kidney 10k

I’m not certain why this race report took me forever to get up. Oh well, it’s up before my next race…

Another 10k in the park, over the same course as the Scotland Run 10k a couple of weeks ago.  I was feeling a little better, but still wasn’t feeling great. It’s hard for me to feel great about a race when I have to get up so ungodly early for a race. As another larger race I was back in the yellow bibs for this race, no big deal, I wasn’t feeling like I was going to go crazy on this run anyway. No PR for me. Well, at least that was the plan. As usual, epic fail.

2011 NYRR UAE Healthy Kidney 10k Pace and Elevation

2011 NYRR UAE Healthy Kidney 10k Pace and Elevation

Alright, no times there, but you can tell that I held a pretty steady pace despite the hills in Central Park. So, here’s the RunKeeper splits:

Pace for 2011 NYRR UAE Healthy Kidney 10k

Pace for 2011 NYRR UAE Healthy Kidney 10k

Yeah, clearly I was going fast. My previous best 10k was from the Scotland Run a few weeks ago where I had a 7:44 pace. None of my miles were anywhere close to that. I was going fast and feeling pretty good, but I didn’t have a good idea of how good. I was trying to be a good runner and not use headphones, so I wasn’t getting updates on my pace during the race. Furthermore there was a huge slow moving mass at the start and I had no idea how long it took me to cross the starting line. I crossed mile 1 around 9:00. I felt as though I was running a 7:45 pace. Mile 2 was crossed at 16:15, there was no way I was running a 7:45 pace. I felt comfortable. I whipped through the 5k mark with a clock time around 24:20 or so. I had done the 5k somewhere around my best 5k pace. Wow! I crossed the finish line at 47:20 CLOCK TIME. This meant I had certainly smashed my PR for a 10k race, which was 48:02. The question was, by how much? A lot!

2011 NYRR UAE Healthy Kidney 10k Official Results

2011 NYRR UAE Healthy Kidney 10k Official Results

I’m now in the strange situation where not only my 4M pace is faster than my 5k, but now my 10k is faster too. Wow. It was a good day. Next up, the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Once again, I’m not trying to set a PR. Partially because I need to wake up at 3am to make it to Coney Island to take a subway back to Prospect Park and then make it into my corral by 6:40am. But first, a little picture of 2U, the U2 Tribute Band playing after the race.

2U - The U2 Tribute Band

2U - The U2 tribute band playing after the race. These guys even tried to look like the band.

Keep Running.

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