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My Own Running Streak Challenge

I’m in a bit of a lull right now. I have no races scheduled for December. No marathons on the horizon. Nothing to really to train for. It’s also cold and dark. It doesn’t get light until nearly 8am and it’s dark by 4:30pm. This is not ideal running conditions.

However, if I want to get better I should keep on running. So what to do? Starting last week I decided that I would run every day this month — even Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I thought I was going to be all original with this, until I found out that Runner’s World was encouraging a Thanksgiving to New Year’s running streak. Well, I started a bit late, but I guess I’m in too.

Then I started to look at my own running stats for the year. From January 1 to November 30 I had run 1277 miles. A new record for me, but still 223 miles away from my goal of 1500 miles for the year.

It's been a Good Year for Running

So, can I do it? Well, that’s the challenge. In may I ran 227 miles, so I’ve done it before, but I’ll need to treat it as though I’m in top training for a marathon. Maybe I’ll need to find a January marathon…

So, that’s goal. Every day this month. 227 miles total. An average of 7.2 miles a day. Eight days in I’m at 60.5 miles – a little ahead of that pace. It’s go time.

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2011 NYC Marathon3:57:45
2011 Hartford Marathon3:58:17
2011 Chicago Marathon4:20:16
2011 Grandma's Marathon4:07:43
2010 Big Sur International Marathon4:22:49
2009 NYC Marathon4:37:05
2009 Twin Cities Marathon4:43:28
2009 Pittsburgh Marathon4:14:38
2008 Erie Marathon5:11:40

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  • Nov 6 - New York City Marathon, New York, NY
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