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Running is a Minimalist Sport, Right?

I confess, I’m not a naked runner. I’m not one of those people who puts on a just a pair of running shorts — not shirt, no shoes, no iPod, no nothing — and goes out for a run. I think the big reason for that is where I live. It’s cold in both Minneapolis and New York. It also gets dark early and the paths are rarely plowed. In fact, I think that I might be the opposite of a naked runner. Want proof? Here’s a picture of me before a recent evening run:

Me dressed up for a cold weather night run in New York

This is what I look like when I go out for a cold weather run. I'm pretty sure I'd get beaten up in high school for dressing like this.

Petzl Tikka2 Plus Headlamp Generic Target Headband Generic Target Tech Shirt Underarmour Cold Gear Compression Shirt iPhone 4 with RunKeeper Spibelt Generic Target Running Shorts Manzell Running Gloves Reebok Compression Running Tights Injinji Toe Socks Injinji Toe Socks Vibram FiveFingers KSO Remix Vibram FiveFingers KSO Remix
  • Petzl Tikka Plus 2 Headlamp – This is a great little light that puts out some serious punch for how small it is. It’s a little expensive otherwise, but I received it as a gift and have been very happy with it. I’ll post a review of the light shortly.
  • Generic Headband from Target – Nothing interesting to say here. I think I got this for $3 from target many years ago when I needed something to keep my ears warm while biking in the winter. It does it’s job, but often ends up very wet and kinda stinky after a run.
  • Under Armour Cold Gear Longsleeve Compression Shirt – The best investment I’ve made when it comes to running in the winter. Compression base layers keep me warm and also keep my nipples from chafing.
  • Generic Tech Shirt from Target – I’ve got a lot of these generic running shirts from Target. They’re slowly being phased out as I get more technical shirts from runs. They’re not the highest quality shirts, but they work quite well and are light weight. Unfortunately, they’re also murder on my nipples.
  • iPhone4 with RunKeeper and Really Beat-up Headphones – I’ve been tracking my runs with RunKeeper for the last two years. It’s been the best $10 I spent for an iPhone app. However, right now you don’t need to spend that sort of money, RunKeeper Pro is FREE until the end of January!
  • SPIbelt – I originally picked this up for the Big Sur Marathon in 2010. I needed someplace to hold my gels and a camera for during the race. I’ve since started using it to carry my phone on any run when I’m wearing long sleeves and it’s difficult to use my armband.
  • Manzella Running Gloves – These aren’t the greatest gloves, but they’re lightweight and keep my fingers pretty dry because they wick moisture away. However, on sub-zero days in Minneapolis my fingers get very cold in them. I also wish they were brighter for safety.
  • Generic Running Shorts from Target – With all the races that give out shirts, you’d think that some would give out running shorts. I could use some more pairs of these guys. In the future I’ll upgrade to a better brand as these guys often cause chafing.
  • Reebok Running Tights – Probably the second best investment I’ve made when it comes to cold weather running. I used to run in athletic pants, but they would only work kinda okay. Running tights are a godsend. Plus, when it’s cold and I have to stand around outside, such as volunteering for a New York Road Runners race, I can wear them under my jeans.
  • injinji Rainbow Colored Mini Crew Toesocks – If my shoes are already gaudy, I might as go all out right? These guys work very well for keeping my feet warmer when running in my FiveFingers and also dramatically reduce the smell.
  • Vibram FiveFingers KSO Remix Shoes – I’m not certain if I’m 100% sold on the hype around barefoot running, but I do run in my FiveFingers. They allow me to connect with the surfaces in a different way, making a run much more fun and also forcing me to use different muscles while running. Ouch, my calf muscles hurt!

I’d love to find a way to go more minimalist, but there also is a safety and comfort element for running in the dark in the winter. I’ve started to periodically drop the headphones, so the only sound I hear is the ambient sound. In addition to being safer, it helps me keep in the zone for running. Beyond that, it’s difficult to think of any way to go more minimalist. Any hints? What’s your cold weather gear look like?

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