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What Does This MRI Mean?

I’ve been struggling with persistent pain in my hip and lower back. The doctor initially believed that it was an IT band issue. Three months of therapy and little progress and we concluded that maybe that wasn’t the problem. The next thought was that it might be nerve damage in my lower back. This led to an MRI, which I got done a little over a week ago. After the experience I received a CD with my images on it. Of course, no guidance is provided about interpreting the images.

Lower Spine MRI

One of the images from my MRI of my lower spine. I'm a little concerned because it looks like my spine is curved.

Here’s one of several images that were on the CD. This is my spine looking either down or up, I’m not certain which. What I’m really concerned about here is the fact that my spine appears curved. I really hope that’s just a result of me not sitting completely flat and being slightly twisted, and not actually a curved spine. Oh well, maybe one of these days my doctor will call me back and let me know what’s really up with it.

Until the, well, I’m getting antsy. I’ve been running small to moderate amounts recently and doing some exercises to improve my core strength. I did a seven and eight miler on Saturday and Sunday. Incredibly slow pace and I had to stop and walk a few times, but they felt good and I didn’t have any pain at the end of them. That’s a start. Now, to get rid of this weight that I’ve packed on since I scaled back my training…

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