Race Report: 2011 NYRR Run for the Parks 4M

It’s about 10 weeks until Grandma’s Marathon and this last week was really my first actual week of training. You know, the type of training where rather than ensuring I have a mileage base I actually try to gain some speed. Unfortunately, on Wednesday I was socked with a horrendous cold. Thursday still managed to work, while Friday was an utter disaster. Somehow on Saturday I managed to get my ass out of bed and do a brutal 9 mile pace run. I felt great after the run, but the cold came back later in the day.

Thus, when the alarm went off at 5:30am to wake my sorry half-nyquiled ass up and head down to the city for the Run for the Parks things weren’t looking that great. As usual, I got off at Harlem/125th and walked/ran down to the starting line as a warmup. It was nice to see that there were fewer people at this race, I had managed to reclaim my red number. I don’t suck!

Fewer people meant that I was quicker across the starting line. In my mind it was about 15 seconds after the gun when I crossed the starting line. The first mile went up the East Drive in the park and along with it Cat Hill. As we crossed the first mile marker the sign said 7:59. While I’ve run plenty of miles in under 8 minutes, this was the first time I remembered hitting the first mile marker in under 8 minutes of gun time.

I hit the second mile at 15 minutes flat. A little bit of math showed that I ran the second mile in 7 minutes. I have never run a mile in any race other than a one mile race in under 7 minutes. I also realized that I was killing myself. This was a much faster pace than I intended and much faster than I felt I could sustain. Especially if I was kinda sick. I consciously scaled it back to a pace that I thought I could sustain. My legs began to burn. Somehow I managed to pull myself through to the finish. I knew I’d be close to a PR, but didn’t think that I’d do it. I finished at 29:58 gun time.

Official Results: 29:18 -- a new PR by 7 seconds!

By the time that I made it to Grand Central and was on the train back home the official results were posted. 29:18. A PR for a four mile race by 7 seconds. Looking at my results from RunKeeper confirms that I blasted the second mile way too fast. My shins are now killing me.

Results from RunKeeper. 6:55 for the second mile? That's CRAZY.

In the end I’m now seven seconds faster than I was for my 4M best last May before my hip became unbearably painful. So, being as I’m essentially at the same pace I had a year ago, can we just pretend this past year of miserable running never really existed?

Keep running.

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