2010 NYRR Jingle Jog 4M

Let me start out by saying this: I did not want to do this race. I don’t know why in the world I registered for this race. I don’t know why in the world I schlepped all the way down to Brooklyn to run it. Maybe it had something to do with the long sleeve tech shirt that came with it. I can always use more of those.

Anyway, my calves were still killing me from my barefoot run last weekend. I could barely walk at the beginning of the week and even on Thursday it was hard to move around. Stretching seemed to help out quite a bit and I felt I could walk again by Friday. That means I can run on Saturday, right?

Thanks to crappy timing of the trains, I had to either drive into Brooklyn or catch the 6am train. For some reason I chose the 6am train. This, of course, got me to Prospect Park around 7:30am. It was still brisk — not a horrible day for a run, but a little uncomfortable for standing around. After picking up my shirt and bib — I’m still a red number for some bizarre reason — I had a long time to wander around the park. By 8:20 the race area was starting to get filled out with runners stretching and trying to stay warm. It looked to be a good turnout of a couple of thousand runners.

We lined up in the corrals and went through the usual pre-race ceremonies. There were some school kids from NYRR’s youth programs that thanked the crowd followed by a speech from Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz, a little pep from the excellent Mary Wittenberg, the national anthem, pre-race instructions and the start. The first thing I noticed, even being in the red corral, it still took me about 45 seconds to cross the starting line.The next revelation was how long we actually had to run along Nethermead Arches until we got onto the main loop. I vaguely remembered the distance from the Al Gordon Classic in February, but seemed much worse this time.

Coming out onto the main loop RunKeeper chimed in and told me that I had gone about 0.52 miles in the first 5 minutes. Subtracting out the 45 or so seconds to cross the starting line had me on around an 8:30 pace. Perhaps a bit too much for my injured and out of shape self, but it felt okay. At this point I realized that the big hill was ahead of me. Ughh.

Somehow I managed to keep a nice pace, partially because I was following a couple who seemed to be taking easier than they otherwise could. Using the couple as unwitting pacers turned out to be a great idea. As RunKeeper chirped in my ears every five minutes I could easily hear that I was on a consistent pace. Turning the final corner for another hill my thighs, hips, and calves were killing me. Somehow I managed to finish. I hurt, but I finished. Final time was 32:57, just a little bit under 8:15/mi.

Official Reults from the Jingle Bell Jog

Results from RunKeeper

After finishing the race a lot of things were running through my head. The main thing was wondering why I was so stupid to do the race in the first place. I’m injured and need a chance to heal.  The second thing that hit me was just how much fun the race was. A great crowd of people, a great location for a race (not nearly as many incidental people as Central Park races), and a great holiday spirit made this race overcome even my injuries and turn it into a great morning.

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