Welcome to Twenty Six and Two

A little over a month ago I was having dinner with a group of friends in Manhattan and was lamenting about my horrible commute and how it sapped the will for me to do most anything creative.  My life consisted of me getting up in the morning, taking the train to work, working, coming home on the train, running, and then going to bed.  A friend suggested that I should start a weblog.

“A weblog?  About what?”

“Whatever you want man, whatever you’re good at at.”

“I’ve had a weblog for years, and I write about what I’m good at.  Most of the time it sits idle because I don’t have time to write about anything interesting.”

“Then write about what you’re passionate about!”

As my older weblog is very old, with some entries dating back to 1999, it’s almost entirely technology focused — things that are very related to my daily work.  This weblog will be largely the opposite, covering what excites me and gets me going.  What’s that?  Running.

I don’t claim to be a very good runner.  I’ve got some pretty bad form, and I’m not that fast.  I’ve run three marathons and my best time was 4 hours and 12 minutes.  I don’t run with a group of people and most of the things I’ve learned about running I’ve learned on my own.  However, despite my anti-social running style, I’m very passionate about it.  On a daily basis running is what keeps me going, even if I’m not going very fast.  This blog will chronicle my running and my attempts to be a better runner.

I’ve now run three marathons and am training for the New York City Marathon, my fourth marathon in a little under a month.  After my last marathon, which was the Twin Cities Marathon last Sunday, I was thinking about giving up marathons after New York.  However, there was a looming marathon in April 2010 — The Big Sur International Marathon.  It’s one of the hardest but most visually spectacular marathons in the world, and I’m going to get a good time doing it.  I hope you’ll come along on this journey with me, it’s gonna be awesome!


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2011 NYC Marathon3:57:45
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2011 Grandma's Marathon4:07:43
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2009 Pittsburgh Marathon4:14:38
2008 Erie Marathon5:11:40

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